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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - April 2009

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This is my customer newsletter, containing information that I hope you'll find interesting and helpful. This month's topic is Backing Up Your Files: Easier and More Important Than Ever.

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Backing Up Your Files Is More Important Than Ever

In my May 2006 newsletter, I wrote about backing up your files to protect them from loss. The hard disk in your computer can fail, suddenly and without warning, making your files inaccessible. If you've backed them up, you can easily restore your files to a new disk. If you haven't, you could lose music that you've bought, irreplaceable family pictures from your digital camera, or the Great American Novel that you've been writing for the past 15 years.

I've seen several hard disk failures recently in my clients' computers, especially ones that are five years old or more. Many of you have Dell Dimension or HP Pavilion computers of that age that have an increased risk of failure.

Backing Up Your Files Is Easier Than Ever

The problem with some backup strategies is that they require you to take action (copy files to a CD or USB flash drive, run a backup program, manually delete old backups when a backup disk becomes full, etc), and to repeat the action regularly to make up-to-date backups.

Here are some new backup strategies that work automatically, with no user action required. I use and recommend the ones listed in bold type:

Other Considerations

I recommend using more than one backup strategy, to protect against multiple risks. I'll be happy to consult with you to find the best match for your needs. Here are some additional things to consider: