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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - July 2015

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This month's topic is Should You Upgrade Your Computer to Windows 10?

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Get Windows 10

Microsoft released a new version of its Windows operating system on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 adds new features and tries to undo the damage that Microsoft inflicted on itself with its tremendously unpopular Windows 8 operating system (see my March 2013 newsletter for my take on Windows 8).

If your computer is currently running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, and it meets the Windows 10 hardware requirements, you can upgrade it to the new version. Computers running the older Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems can't be upgraded.

Unlike all previous Windows upgrades, this one is available for free for one year. The estimated cost of the upgrade after July 29, 2016 is $119.

For more information, see Microsoft's Windows 10 Launch Site. For a nice review, see David Pogue's article Windows 10 Reviewed: Microsoft Returns to Sanity.

My Recommendation

I recommend not upgrading your computer to Windows 10 at this time, unless:

Here are some things to consider:

New Features in Windows 10

New features in Windows 10 include:

How I Can Help You

I can consult with you to see if a Windows 10 upgrade makes sense for you and your computer. If it does, I can help you by:

  1. Testing your computer for Windows 10 compatibility.
  2. Backing up your files before upgrading.
  3. Reserving your free upgrade.
  4. Testing your computer after upgrading and restoring it to your previous Windows version in case of problems.
  5. Answering your questions and showing you how to use the new Windows 10 features.