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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - June 2009

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This is my customer newsletter, containing information that I hope you'll find interesting and helpful. This month's topics are What Are All Those Keys on My Keyboard?, Inexpensive Computer Upgrades, and Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Release Date.

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What Are All Those Keys on My Keyboard?

A standard Windows keyboard in the USA has 104 keys. Most of them are used to enter letters, numbers, and symbols, like the keyboards on typewriters (remember those?). Here's a brief introduction to the other keys:

For more information, see these articles from Microsoft and Wikipedia.

Inexpensive Computer Upgrades

Are you thinking of getting a new computer because your old one is slow or it can't do everything you want? Here are some inexpensive upgrades that can that can make your old computer work better for you:

Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Release Date

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7, the next version of its Windows operating system, will be available on new computers on October 22nd. I've been testing preliminary versions of Windows 7 for several months, and I think that it will be a big hit. It has a lot of nice new features. Its hardware requirements are modest by today's standards, and most computers sold in the last 3-4 years easily meet them. Windows 7 will run faster than Windows Vista on the same hardware, and it can use all of the programs and devices that Vista does.

If you're thinking of buying a new computer, consider waiting until Windows 7 is released. As that date approaches, computer makers might offer machines with Windows Vista and a coupon for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

I'll be happy to give you a free Windows 7 demo on my laptop computer. If you want to try Windows 7 on your own computer, you can download and install the Windows 7 Release Candidate .