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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - March 2008

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This month's topics are Viewing Multiple Web Pages with Tabbed Browsing, Webmail, and Flat Panel Monitors.

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Viewing Multiple Web Pages with Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing, which is available in the Windows Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers, lets you see multiple web pages simultaneously in a single window and switch between them easily. It's a great feature that can make your web browsing more enjoyable. For example, you can click a link in one web page, open the linked page in its own tab, and see both pages in one web browser window.

For more information, see these web pages about tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Safari.


Webmail lets you send and receive E-mail from your web browser. Internet service providers such as Comcast and Earthlink provide webmail for their subscribers. There are many free webmail services that anyone can use, including Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and AOL Mail. For reviews of these and other free services, see the article Top 14 Free Email Services.

With webmail, you can access your E-mail from any computer that has an Internet connection -- at home, at a coffee shop, or on vacation. With an E-mail program, such as Outlook Express, Eudora, or Thunderbird, you can only access your E-mail from your own computer. Webmail systems have become so good that they're the best choice for many people. I think that Yahoo Mail, has the best features and user interface, and that Google Mail has the best spam filtering.

You don't have to change your E-mail address to use webmail. You can forward mail from your current address and use webmail to read and send your E-mail. In fact, I read my Boulder Computer Maven E-mail using Yahoo Mail.

Flat Panel Monitors

If you're still using a bulky computer monitor that looks like an old-fashioned TV set, consider replacing it with a new flat panel monitor. Flat panels have an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen that's only an inch or two deep. Switching to a flat panel will save you desktop space and energy. The price of flat panel monitors has dropped steadily since their introduction several years ago, and models with 19-inch screens are now available for less than $200.

If your computer is less than three years old, it should be able to use a flat panel monitor, although it might need an updated video driver program. If your computer is older than that, it might need a new video card for use with a flat panel. I can check your video card and driver and advise you on what's required.