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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - October 2009

Dear Friends,

This is my customer newsletter, containing information that I hope you'll find interesting and helpful. This month's topic are Boulder Computer Maven Vacation Schedule, Free Antivirus Program from Microsoft, Windows 7 Release, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Boulder Computer Maven Vacation Schedule

Boulder Computer Maven will be closed for vacation from Wednesday, October 28 through Wednesday, November 11. I'll be happy to schedule appoinments with you before or after those dates.

Free Antivirus Program from Microsoft

Every computer needs an antivirus program, and Microsoft has just released a new one that's free for use on home computers. Microsoft Security Essentials is easy to install and use, updates itself automatically, and won't slow your computer down. A computer can only have one antivirus program, so un-install any other (Avast, AVG, Avira, McAfee, NOD32, Norton, Trend Micro, etc) first if you decide to install Microsoft Security Essentials.

Windows 7 Release

Windows 7, the newest version of Microsoft Windows, will be available on new computers on October 22. If you've delayed buying a new computer because of what you've heard about Windows Vista, your wait will soon be over. Please see my July newsletter for more about Windows 7.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can make your computer easier to use. Many actions that you usually perform with the mouse can be done faster, with less effort, using keyboard shortcuts.

Most keyboard shortcuts involve pressing two keys at the same time. Here are some that work in Microsoft Word and many other programs:

Ctrl+A: select all Ctrl+C: copy selected text Ctrl+F: find text Ctrl+P: print
Ctrl+S: save document Ctrl+V: paste text Ctrl+X: cut selected text Ctrl+Z: undo an action
Ctrl+Left Arrow: move to start of previous word Ctrl+Right Arrow: move to start of next word Ctrl+HOME: move to top of document Ctrl+END: move to bottom of document

These shortcuts make common Windows tasks easier:

Alt+F4: close current window Alt+TAB: switch between open windows Ctrl+ESC: open the Start menu Ctrl+Shift+ESC: open Task Manager
Ctrl+R: refresh the active window Shift+DEL: delete files permanently without moving them to Recycle Bin Win+D: display the desktop Win+E: open Windows Explorer

Here are some handy shortcuts for Internet Explorer:

Alt+HOME: go to home page Alt+Left Arrow or Backspace: go to previous page Alt+Right Arrow: go to next page Ctrlt+Minus Sign: make text smaller
Ctrl+Plus Sign: make text larger Ctrl+H: open History Ctrl+I: open Favorites Ctrl+N: open new window
Ctrl+Q: view thumbnails of all tabs Ctrl+T: open new tab Ctrl+W: close current tab Ctrl+ENTER: add "www." to beginning and ".com" to end of text in Address bar

For details of these and many other keyboard shortcuts, see the Microsoft web pages for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Excel, and Word.