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Boulder Computer Maven Newsletter - September 2005

Dear Friends,

Thank you for letting me help you with your computer needs. This is my customer newsletter, containing tips that I hope you'll find helpful.

Boulder Computer Maven will be closed September 26-30 while I attend the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle. During that time, I'll check my E-mail and phone messages daily and will reply to you as I have time.

This month's topics are Keyboard Shortcuts, Saving Money on Computer Cables, Viewing Microsoft Office Attachments, and Microsoft 2005 MVP Global Summit .

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Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd

Helping People Use Computers in Boulder for Over 20 Years

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you time and effort when performing common tasks in Windows, and in programs like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Word. Lists of keyboard shortcuts for leading Microsoft products are available here. Some useful keyboard shortcuts are:

Saving Money on Computer Cables

You can save money on computer cables by buying them from specialty electronics stores instead of computer and office supply stores. In Boulder, I buy cables from the J. B. Saunders Company at 4700 Sterling Drive. Here are some examples of the savings:

Inexpensive cables are also available from Internet retailers such as Dealsonic and

Viewing Microsoft Office Attachments

People often send E-mail attachments containing files created by programs from Microsoft's Office suite: Word documents (.doc), Excel spreadsheets (.xls), and PowerPoint presentations (.ppt). If your computer has Office installed, you can read (and even edit) those files. But Office is too expensive to buy and install just to read an occasional attachment. Fortunately, Microsoft provides free viewer programs that let you read (but not edit) those files. You can download and install the Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, and PowerPoint Viewer programs from Microsoft.

Microsoft 2005 MVP Global Summit

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals from around the world will meet in Seattle from September 28 through October 1 for the 2005 MVP Global Summit. Top Microsoft executives, including CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows VP Jim Allchin, will speak to us and answer our questions about the company and its technology. We'll also meet with product developers and managers for briefings on upcoming products, including Windows Vista, the new version of Windows that's scheduled for release next year. We're already testing preliminary versions of Windows Vista, and we'll be able to give Microsoft feedback and to influence the product design.